Snapshot of Spain.

So, back in August I decided to visit Spain again. I love its’ warm climate, laid-back culture and beautiful beaches. I’ve just got a few snaps of the best delicacies I enjoyed on my visit to Valencia.

Below is salmon in an orange sauce in a restaurant in Valencia that caters for Coeliacs. It was delicious; I’ve tried to recreate the orange glaze myself at home, but I can’t seem to get it right.

Summer 2014 spain 428

One thing I love about Spain is the late night dessert places. I guess 11pm and having dessert is normal to the Spanish, but to me, it’s something special. It’s another way to be social at night that doesn’t involve hitting the clubs. And in a city so beautiful, why would you want to stay indoors?

Also, the selection is amazing, from specialist chocolate  cafes, to an abundance of ‘FROYO’ places (frozen yoghurt). I don’t know why it’s not a big thing here in England; it’s delicious and healthy! I love the fact they can blend fresh fruit into the yoghurt, and the variety of toppings kept me going back!

Summer 2014 spain 504Summer 2014 spain 471

Summer 2014 spain 430

Summer 2014 spain 435

Summer 2014 spain 440

Obligatory Mojito Photo!

Summer 2014 spain 566

Back in Andalusia.

Summer 2014 spain 589

I didn’t see quite so much of these markets, but where I was staying in the small town Vejer de la frontera, there is an indoor market that sells these little spanish delicacies. It’s also located in a beautiful tiled building, down a small street. As a tourist you would never know it’s there, but if you are away and can cook your own food I’d say these gambas are worth buying!

Summer 2014 spain 609

Summer 2014 spain 777



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