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My fave hair & skin products this winter

In the winter, life can feel far more taxing. Forcing yourself out of bed before the sun rises, remembering to layer up before you leave the house and keeping on top of the small, mundane efforts, for example, car maintenance (especially if the ‘beast from the east’ was anything to go by) all provide the perfect reason for hibernation.

The cold also places extra demands on our health and wellbeing. We’re more prone to colds and flu, our vitamin D exposure dips and, generally, some of us feel lethargic. This feeling allows me, however, to replace wild nights out with cosy nights in, comforted by ‘Netflix and chill’ and a bottle of wine.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with shifting into a state of languor during the dark, cold, months, I do have to make that extra effort to keep myself feeling good, both mentally and physically. Although I may neglect the gym more than I should, this year, I promised to protect my hair and skin from becoming weathered. Occasionally, I suffer from eczema on both my scalp and neck, and after much trail and error, I’ve invested in a few good products to prevent it.

I hope they help you too!


I like to wear a lot of dark jumpers in the winter, but having a dry scalp can makes me think twice – no one wants to see ma snowflakes!


One product I find fantastic for a dry eczema prone scalp, is the Body Shop’s Ginger shampoo. It’s quite gentle, but it does the trick without drying my ends out, which I do find with other anti-dandruff products like T-gel or tea tree shampoos.

I’m less fussy about the conditioners I use, as I go through so much of it – anything thick that I can slap onto my hair (and whichever lets me get a comb through it for doing so) – is what I go for. I also try to keep it to my ends.

Natural treatments

Another thing I try to do, is massage my scalp with olive oil to reduce flaking and remove build up. It’s tough to wash out, so I don’t do it as often as I should, but it’s great for soothing a dry scalp.

I also spray my hair with a mixture of 3 parts water to 1 part apple cider vinegar before washing – apparently, the anti-inflammatory properties in the stuff helps to remove build up and I’ll happily try anything – even if my head does smell like a chippy.



I’ve always been fascinated by Kiehl’s and its apothecary style products, but the hefty price tag always had me staying away. This year, I decided to just splash out, buying the daily reviving concentrate oil (£37) and the ultra facial cream (£24). They’ve both been wonderful products.

My skin type is combination and I suffer a bit from hyper-pigmentation. Whilst none of these products are aimed at scarring, I do think they’ve helped in some way with reducing redness. The oil feels really luxurious and sinks quickly into the skin. No greasy residue either. I like the face cream too, it feels like it’s actually getting into my skin rather than just sitting on the top.

I also try to use sheetmasks when I can, especially when my skin feels like it needs a big drink. I bought a load back from Japan which I keep in the fridge.


(My skin a week after using the product)

I’m also looking to try a vitamin C serum to reduce scarring – does anyone have any recommendations? I might have to try The Ordinary, I’ve heard great things.

Thanks for reading and I hope this post was useful!





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