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We live in a world where faces are illuminated by phone screens more than emotions

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Christmas and New Year in Japan

I was lucky enough to experience the most celebrated western holiday, Christmas, in Japan. I heard that the festive season was popular here, however, Christmas day was kind of a ‘couples thing,’ and my friends from the U.K. who had already experienced a Christmas here said it was weird and lonely and just didn’t feel the same. My reaction: DAMN what do I do!?

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Two months in Japan!

Time is flying, I can’t believe we are in June already and I’m approaching just over two months of living in Japan. It’s getting warm here, and now that I’ve grasped a bit more knowledge, things are getting easier – apart from the job (but hey don’t get me started on that.)

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Living in Japan – Month One  

I can’t believe that one month has passed since moving to Japan. For context, I’ve moved here to work as an English teacher. I decided to move to Japan first and foremost for the job, but also for personal experience of living in a completely different country, immersing myself in a new culture and of course, just what everyone in their 20s is searching for, an opportunity to travel.

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