Kamakura, Japan.

Kamakura is a city located in the Kanagawa prefecture south-west of Tokyo. Although it’s only 50 minutes away from Tokyo, you feel miles away in both distance and time, with no skyscrapers and bright lights in view.

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Two months in Japan!

Time is flying, I can’t believe we are in June already and I’m approaching just over two months of living in Japan. It’s getting warm here, and now that I’ve grasped a bit more knowledge, things are getting easier – apart from the job (but hey don’t get me started on that.)

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Living in Japan – Month One  

I can’t believe that one month has passed since moving to Japan. For context, I’ve moved here to work as an English teacher. I decided to move to Japan first and foremost for the job, but also for personal experience of living in a completely different country, immersing myself in a new culture and of course, just what everyone in their 20s is searching for, an opportunity to travel.

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Shizzle’ my nizzle’, that’s a damn good Lemon Drizzle.

 This delicious, gluten-free lemon drizzle is one of my favorite cakes to make – it’s moistness lasts for days, which is rare as gluten-free cakes seem to dry out quickly. Continue reading “Shizzle’ my nizzle’, that’s a damn good Lemon Drizzle.”

Beetroot Gluten free Brownies!


You know when you’re in the mood to do something relaxing and indulgent on a rainy day off? Well my idea of that is to bake! I’ve wanted to try Beetroot brownies for ages, and I got a recipe, persuaded by the fact it said ‘practically half the fat of regular brownies’, and made a few adaptations.

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Mcdonalds, Burger King, KFC…Friends or Foes?

The debate surrounding the physiological damage of fast food is ever present. However, with busy working schedules and lifestyles changes, sometimes we have no choice to purchase something quick on our lunch breaks, turning to our trusty friends, Mcdonald’s and Burger King.

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