Kamakura, Japan.

Kamakura is a city located in the Kanagawa prefecture south-west of Tokyo. Although it’s only 50 minutes away from Tokyo, you feel miles away in both distance and time, with no skyscrapers and bright lights in view.

The main attraction here is the huge seated Buddha, also known as ‘Amida Nyorai.’ Built in the 12th century, the bronze statue survived through a suspected tsunami, which supposedly knocked down the house sheltering the Buddha. It’s a national treasure now and I really enjoyed visiting the statue as well as Kamakura town – to me it felt like traditional Japan with its small streets quaint and full of history! The shrines, beautiful gardens, and the little shops selling everything from Japanese tourist tat to an array of flavoured rice crackers was right up my street! Also, check out those huge lily pads, no idea why there was money thrown into them but of course if it’s bringing me luck, in goes my yen.

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Kamakura also hosts several sandy beaches, which I didn’t know until now, but are quite rare in Japan. We went to Yuigahama beach, which wasn’t too far from Kamakura city – you have to take a little local train which was a cute experience. The beach was quite large, but also very windy and many jellyfish were washed up on the shore, but nevertheless it was enjoyable and I’d like to go again! The summer in Japan has been really hot and humid, and if I was closer to a beach I know where I’d be spending my days!
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