Review: Chai Tea set

I received this lovely gift from my friend who knows I’m mad about tea. It’s so pretty, packaged in a sleek neat box, which makes it feel extra special.

2015 890

The set contains little boxes of the chai ingredients and a recipe to make the perfect cuppa. Unveiling the goods, the aroma from the spices hit me, bringing up memories of ‘Indian tea’ made by my Grandmother .

I’m moving to Japan soon, and I think that it’s a good idea to take this tea set with me; to be a nostalgic reminder of home comforts and a creative way to introduce chai tea to Japanese guests and friends.

From my research, Tea is an important part of Japanese food culture, which I’m really excited about- I can’t wait to experience a tea ceremony!

This set, for me, could be a nice little way to show them how this way of making tea connects me to home – whilst introducing a new delicious style of tea at the same time!


2015 892

As you can see, the set contains three different types of tea (Cardamom, Earl Grey, and Ceylon) and an array of flavours – Star anise, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon sticks and black peppercorns.2015 893

You must make chai tea in a saucepan to let the flavours from the spices and tea leaves steep. You add the spices, tea and bring the water to the boil, before adding milk and sugar.

2015 894

2015 895

I advise against using the black peppercorns in the tea, as it’s not something I ever saw my Grandmother. After all she is the master of Chai.

2015 896Back to the set, I think it’s such a special gift for somebody who loves experimenting with different flavours of tea. I’m really grateful for the gift, and I didn’t want to use it at first because it just looked so lovely in the box!

But it’s a great idea for a present – anything that makes making a cup of tea special is an easy pleaser for me.

The tea set was purchased from etsy.co.uk.


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