Tangiers, Morocco.

On my escapades to Spain this summer, we had a day trip to Morocco.

You can catch a ferry from Tarifa down to Tangiers which only takes an hour.

Tangier’s was boiling, busy and a bit of a culture shock. Heading into the town, I could feel the vibe of the city; cars honking, chickens in market cages squawking,  people haggling. But beneath the startling madness, beauty and colour was eminent.

Summer 2014 spain 661 Summer 2014 spain 636 Summer 2014 spain 634 Summer 2014 spain 632 Summer 2014 spain 630 Summer 2014 spain 665 Summer 2014 spain 668 Summer 2014 spain 650If I went to Morocco again, I would like to travel further afield. I wanted to see the culture Tangiers had to offer. I got a bit tired after a while of trailing through markets, after a while I wanted to avoid them because well, there is only so much money you can spend on trinkets! Hats off to all of the workers though, working in that searing heat!

The fresh fruit I had was the best I have ever tasted, if I was there for longer I would have loved to try more of the traditional food, instead of the westernised cafe we went to which sold kebabs and chips (we were hungry, don’t judge.)

Also, I’m in awe of the Islamic architecture, with its intricate tiled detail, and dome-like shapes. This great artwork amidst the crazy, polluted and busy town was a real reminder of the hidden beauty in Tangiers.


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