Very Berry

Basically, I love a good British berry.

It’s a shame that most of the berries sold in English supermarkets are imported, meaning they lack the freshness that you get during the Summertime.

Recently, I purchased Spanish strawberries from a supermarket, and they were sour! Nasty!

Anyway, for my parents Wedding Anniversary, I decided to make some chocolate covered strawberries with edible glitter – so easy!

They were delicious, washed down with a glass of Prosecco.

Oct-Nov 2014 155

Wash the strawberries, melt chocolate chips on a bain-marie, and put them on a tray lined with baking paper to cool.

I then proceeded to ruin them with some bling.

Oct-Nov 2014 174

Cute right! The perfect accompaniment to prosecco (with cassis).Oct-Nov 2014 192

Also, I’m lucky that I live in a Village as around September time the brambles begin to grow blackberries. I came to pick them for my own greed.

Oct-Nov 2014 193

Unfortunately, I didn’t make a jam or a crumble, but a smoothie – a great way o cram in a bunch of nutrients. I wish I had frozen them, as frozen berries are a great way to add those great anti-oxidants into your everyday meals.

Frozen berries are great, I add them to pancakes, porridge, desserts – anything!


I made these pancakes using oats, greek yoghurt and an egg. Simple, easy and relatively healthy! I used frozen blueberries and added them to the batter – nothing wrong with a frozen berry, so convenient for making smoothies.

imageOh and if this post isn’t long enough, I love eton mess – this was so simple and easy at Christmas time. I bought the pavlova base whipped up some double cream and added the defrosted tart berries to the meringue.

As you can see I love a bit of bling on my berries.


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