Silversmiths Sheffield (I know, I’m so fancy!)

This is a michelin star restaurant that I would only ever eat at on a special occasion as it is definitely out of my budget (being a student and all)! The reason we attended this restaurant is because they hosted a Coeliac awareness dinner! WOW! A 5-course meal ALL gluten free? Well how could I turn that down!?

I’m lucky enough to have a lovely boyfriend who treated me to this delight. I think it’s important that more places do nights like these, it felt liberating being able to eat absolutely everything on the menu, no restrictions. Silversmiths definitely set the bar high!

Let me take you through my meal!

Starters: I had gluten free fish and chips, very tasty!

Sheffield may-june 032

For the mains, a delicious bit of tender lamb, on a sweet potato mash base and some seasonal veg. I was disappointed as the menu said ‘sweetbreads,’ I was expecting sweet bread!? But those things on the top left of the plate are actually the throat glands of the lamb. You learn something new everyday! They weren’t to my taste, the texture was strange, but the rest of the meal was lovely.

Sheffield may-june 035

And finally, the best bit; pudding!

I chose the gluten-free trifle, which I expected to be in the shape of a trifle but you know when posh restaurants try to be all fancy and you end up with something that doesn’t resemble your expectations whatsoever? That’s what happened. It was okay, the jelly and rhubarb were a bit sour for my liking.

Luckily, my boyfriend ordered the chocolate pot (top of image) and that was deeeeeeeelicious! My favourite part was the spoon which was made of out chocolate! I felt like I was in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory!

Sheffield may-june 036

Overall, this restaurant served great gourmet food, and if you’re a fan of posh nosh, then definitely try it. I was really impressed that they managed to pull of a gluten-free night, as it seems that a lot of  ‘British’ cuisine relies on wheat flour. It just goes to show that being coeliac doesn’t limit you, but makes you more creative with food! I’d be happy to go to another gluten-free evening here, but next time I want to know exactly what I’m getting on my plate!


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