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Eten Sheffield, Gluten-free Burgers!

I was happy when this little gem approached me (via twitter, ha!) and told me they did gluten-free grub! I had to go and check it out. It’s just in Sheffield city centre, but is quite hidden down a side road (East Parade). But it was nice when we got there, the place had a warm, rustic and welcoming feel.

We popped along to ‘burger night’ and I had a chicken burger, which was the best burger I’ve ever had! The chicken was succulent and I couldn’t believe it was actually ‘breaded.’

2014 March-April 040

It was a really great burger! Had it with some delicious rustic chips too.

I couldn’t resist when I saw on their chalkboard that they did brownies too! At first this place evoked  ‘mums cooking’ connotations, with it’s warmth and cute vintage crockery, but the food is really quite gourmet, evidenced by this wonderful brownie smothered in hot chocolate sauce. Admittedly, this pudding ‘did not touch the sides’ as they say.

2014 March-April 042

Coming here for dinner wasn’t enough for me, I had to come back again. This time I came in the day, and I had a nice cuppa with a gluten-free scone with cream and jam. It was Lush!

2014 March-April 068

I’m a big fan of independent places, and the food here was lovely. With it’s down to earth menu and traditional British food, you can’t go wrong if you fancy some hearty grub that both exceeds and lives up to a ‘home-cooking’ feel.


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