Made by Jonty’s

When I found this place, I was really excited. Firstly, the outside is pink (not relevant, but it is to me!) and it’s a little cafe behind Ecclesall road, which I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t on a major food hunt.

It’s pretty small inside, but that’s just a negative way of saying its cosy! Which it really is. I mean you get a tea in a mug, which I absolutely love sometimes. Although I love quaint little teacups and teapots, sometimes all you want is an honest and warming brew, no frills no fuss.

Enough of that, let’s get down to the food. I am a BIG fan of Brunch it’s my favourite meal of the day, it makes me feel like a ‘real person’ as I’ve managed to be out of the house relatively early.

However, I loved the fact that at this place, there are no time limits as to when breakfast/brunch is served, and the best thing about the menu is that they cater for Gluten free! I can actually have bread!

The breakfast range is great, from Full Englishes, to posh nosh, such as ‘Oeuf de hollandaise’ (you know what I mean) to the beast of a breakfast burrito! Below is my gluten free version of it, not showing its full glory as the ‘original’ comes in a wrap. (I don’t feel left out though, this hits the spot!)

Third year Uni 293

Second semester yr 3 211

ireland 2014 421

Mmm mouth-watering. Hash browns = perfection. Aside from the breakfast menu (which I may have possibly over-exhausted with my incessant appetite) they do GLUTEN FREE CAKES! Those three words just brighten up my day….

Christmas 2012 010

Here’s a little collage I made of the cakes (I should so be a food photographer right!?) and they are DAMN good! Home-made, and there’s always a great selection! (Rather than one lone gluten-free cake that’s been bought in from an outside supplier, which makes me envious of the normal people who can eat the huge slices of viccy sponge. )

I’ve tried a passion fruit cheesecake,  and I hadn’t had a cheesecake in years! And the brownie is delicious! Oh and the Victoria sponge…drool. I could go on and on, but all in all this place is great especially for a gluten allergy sufferer!

The price is pretty reasonable too! (You get what you pay for, and this stuff is good.)


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