Fancie. Sheffield!

I have been busy with University, getting wrapped up in the hard graft of third year (still making time for cake and tea, and the occasional cocktail or two of course!) and forgetting to Blog!

But if I’m going to look at a computer screen all day, I think I can spare 10 mins to get blogging!


With being Coeliac I struggle a lot finding good places to eat. But nowadays, going ‘gluten-free’ has become increasingly popular. The stylised ‘gluten-free’ diet, taken on board by celebs such as Victoria Beckham and Miley Cyrus is now relished by restaurants and cafes who cater for us wheat-free people!

The awareness is growing, and that means the food is getting better. I can hardly tell with certain foods that they contain no wheat, as local cafes excel with providing exciting options that I can eat.

Especially cake.

Third year Uni 449

 Third year Uni 125

More beauties!

And more!

I love the variety of colours and flavours here with the cakes, and the decor is lovely too. Wooden stools, little tea cups and plates, its a cross between a vintage tea room and a laid-back rustic place to just hang out, and eat cake.


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