Food and drink in Andalusia!

This summer I was lucky enough to be taken to Andalusia, Southern Spain with my family and friends. I thought I’d show you guys a few highlights of the Andalusian cuisine that I liked best!


I went to a small town called Vejer De la Frontera, up in the mountains also known as a Pueblo Blanco (white village). It is beautiful, a picturesque slice of Espana with cobbled streets, all-white houses and old men smoking and drinking coffee on street corners in the afternoon. So if you want an authentic destination away from the over-priced pizza shops in towns that have been Briticised over the years, (Magaluf comes to mind) then this is the perfect place to go!

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One of the most tempting places within this quaint town are the Patisseries. Gutted that I am a coeliac, however they are beautiful and they looked delicious, and those who could eat them confirmed that!


Gelato! I love how in Spain they have bars dedicated to ice cream, and too right it was boiling there! This isn’t your ordinary ice cream though, they were creamy and flavoursome, and you don’t get flakes of ice on them because they are FRESH! Image

The best part about the place is the array of flavours! My favourite was kinder bueno, but creme brulee was up there too! One thing I love about the Spanish culture is that all sorts of people go here, from babies to the elderly, Gelato is a statement dessert. In fact, these Gelato bars were open just as late as the restaurants!


This may just be unique to the town I was in, but I found this amazing falafel bar just off the Plaza, and it was always ridiculously busy! After waiting around for a table (giving the customers currently eating a sad look) we finally indulged! It was delicious, and washed down with a glass of Tinto Verano (red wine and Fanta limon). Just mmm!


Nothing for me anyway beats a good mojito, and honestly the ones made in England do not compare! They are just fabulous. A concoction of mint, brown sugar, ice, limes, white rum and soda. Delicious and Refreshing!


Aside from all of these lovely things,  I did find some of the cuisine disappointing which was a shame, possibly because of my wheat allergy! But we did make our own meals at our villa, and the produce is so fresh! The fruit was delicious and a lot sweeter than what we get in England, and the fish also was fresh and delicious. I do like Spanish food, but I did find it a little bland at times! Maybe that comes from having Indian origins in my family, in fact my Mum did bring her own spices and cooked a curry abroad haha!

Anyway to sum it up, my holiday was brilliant!

I will do a separate post of the scenery!


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