Gluten-free Apple cake!


This was absolutely delicious and I got to see exactly how it was made!

The ingredients are: 250G Potato Flour

250G Butter

250G Sugar

4 eggs

Yeast extract

250G Apples sliced into small chunks.


Firstly, the butter and sugar were combined to create a fluffy consistency. Add the four egg yolks only and mix in. The whites will be used later! Fold in the flour carefully, making sure there are no lumps.


This was the flour used. It is an Italian potato flour, and it was light and moist in the cake.


This yeast extract was also used in the cake, it’s gluten free, and smells angelic! It enables the cake to rise. Add the apples in at this point too and combine. Next, whisk the egg whites to a dropping consistency (not hard peaks) and fold into the cake mixture, making sure to not release the air put into the whites. Transfer to a tin lined with baking parchment paper once fully mixed, yet still airy. Do not shake the bubbles out! These air pockets are what creates the light fluffy mixture!


This is how your mixture should look! Then place in an oven at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes

. image

Take out when cooked, you can test this by lightly pressing the top and if it springs back, its a sign its cooked.   I will upload a photo once I have made this delight! It would be rude not to!



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