Fancie’s cupcakes Sheffield

A gorgeous day in the Steel city and where better to go for a light brunch. I spotted this place on Ecclesall road, which is thriving with business (lots of great places to eat!) and spotted Fancie.

The pink writing on the outside and pastel colours drew me in as did the little seats outside. We went in and it was just my kind of place! Wooden floors and rustic tabletops with cute vintage accessories giving the place an authentic cutesy vibe.

Me being me, I ordered a cup of tea (it is my SAVIOUR and favorite beverage) and I got it in this amazing teapot! I am obsessed with different types of tea, and this was a loose leaf one in this beautiful pot!

Fancie cupcakes Sheffield

Brunch Time!

Being Coeliac means I can’t eat wheat, which is found in bread, pasta, cakes, pastries, etc; basically anything with flour in it, so it is hard!

But, I can have most salads so I chose this Salmon and avocado one and it was delicious! The salmon was so tender and honey-glazed; perfection I say!


Cupcake time! I couldn’t resist, and I was so happy to find that they do have gluten free cupcakes! I chose this Victorian sponge cupcake, and it had jam in the middle and butter cream on top. It was amazing!


I can’t wait to go back.


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